Mind & Body Programming


50-minute for 1 - 4 people | $175
50-minute for 5 - 8 people | $215
50-minute for 9 - 12 people | $255

An array of classes can be arranged based on needs and availability. Private Group Fitness and Wellness Classes may be enjoyed in a private secluded setting for an individual, family or group; ages 10 and older.

Please contact Spa Reservations at (888) 772-6524 to reserve.


Individual Session | $175
Couples Session | $195
Small Group Class (3-8 guests) | $70 per person

Spa Ojai's Aerial Yoga is based in traditional Hatha yoga and designed to be accessible for everyone, at all levels of fitness. Using a suspended silk hammock for support and stability, we guide you to refine, realign, and renew your mat practice. Aerial yoga focuses on safe alignment while in assisted postures, enabling you to achieve a deeper state of holistic health and wellbeing. Our instructors are certified by AlReal Yoga.

Please contact Spa Reservations at (888) 772-6524to reserve. Recommended attire includes sleeved yoga clothing without zippers and barefeet or no-slip socks. Jewelry is not recommended. All private aerial sessions will be 60-minutes in length and will be customized based on experience and ability.